Beginners/Intermediate kayak race

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Hold on to your toggle, cause this year there is space for beginners and intermediate kayakers at the Induna kayaking X-fest.

This will happen on the commercial stretch of the Sabie River on grade 2 rapids. Think you are better than this? Remember racing and running a river are 2 different things.

How will it work?

You will be dropped off at Hazyview Cabanas. The first race will be from “Dog’s Leg” to the end of “Long drop” We will all casually paddle through the next pool towards our stand-off rapid “Lions Rock” previously AKA “Devils Knuckles”. This will give us a leader board which will compete in a dual eliminator. 2 race together, the loser falls out…

I cannot role?

So you won’t be the only one. It is definitely something that we must work on, but come in any case.

I do not have a kayak?

You can borrow/hire from us. There is also the option to try it in a sit-on-top (T&C apply – maybe you will be time gapped) Bring whatever you got, we’ll try and make rule’s to determine the best paddler on the day.

Can I do it in an inflatable?

Yes, inflatable kayak is good to go and a croc is also an option (T&C apply – maybe you will be time gapped) There is also the option to hire a croc, if necessary.

When and where?

14:30 we will drive from Induna Adventures towards Hazyview Cabanas.

15:00 the race starts!

The race starts after the Pro-Kayak race, so you are welcome to spectate that first. And I am sure a lot of the Pro-kayakers will cheer and support.

How do you enter?

Friday:                  6:00 at Induna Campsite

Saturday:             7:00-8:00 at Induna Campsite

8:00-14:00 at Induna Adventure Center

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