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It was time for our team to be united as one, on the 31st October 2019 we decided to close for the day and have an in-house team building. Most of our guides are facilitators and offer a team building service on a daily basis. It was time to turn the tables around.

We arrived at Induna Adventures 7:30 in the morning, to start off with our team building activities called the Indiana Jones challenge. We used an external company Beach & Bush Team Building to help us to form a united company. Lincon and Tapuwa were our facilitators for the day. Both facilitators did an excellent job and managed to bring our teams alive.

We had an ice breaker before we started the team building activities. This was extremely funny as we realized that following instructions is not as easy as what we thought it would be.  Jumping left right clap don’t clap. Some of us flourished but most of us totally did the opposite. This was an eye opener for us as we realized there is a big difference between hearing and listening.

We had lots of games that we had to work together on as a team to complete; this was absolutely one of our highlighted days of 2019. We were then split into 4 teams. Firstly we had to come up with a war cry, every team bundled up together discussing what they will do and what name they will chose for their team. The names that were chosen were:  Induna warriors, the winning team, Amabhubesi and Congo – team no fear. Lots of excitement was building up as each team was rehearsing their war cry before performing it to the other teams. Everyone’s war cry was excellent as everyone pitched in. The team that won the war cry was Congo – Team no fear. They collected the first token of the game. Teams had to compete against each other and the team that collected the most tokens at the end of the team build will be the overall winner.

The challenge was on – Who will take the cup home

Off we went, two teams (Induna Warriors and Congo – Team no fear) went to the polo game and the other two teams (The winning team and Amabhubesi) started with the spider web. The spider web challenges was tricky as the team had to discuss together who will go first and who will go last as the opening can only be used once. Induna Warriors and Team no fear competing against each other with the polo game, we could hear their cheering across the field motivating their team mates.

After each challenge we completed Lincon and Tapuwa would first stop and discuss with us what we have learned from each challenge, implementing the team building goals. How to work together as a team and how communication forms a big part of the team building as well in the work place.

The team that took the cup home was The Induna Warriors, well done!! The overall winners were Induna Adventures, great job to all the team.

After all the excitement it was time to take a walk across the road to The Reserve that has pre arrange lunch for us. Hendrik, Induna Adventures manager complimented all of us, making a point to say something to each of us. A remarkable special moment for everyone.

On to our final activity the Skyway Trails we went, no one in the Team had done the Skyway Trails before. No one really knew what to expect. We were divided into 3 groups.

Arriving at the Skyway trails we were assigned with a harness, helmet and gloves. One glove’s purpose was to break yourself. This made a lot of us a bit nervous.

We firstly had a practice slide to get comfortable with the breaking system. Easier said than done. Off we went in a vehicle to the starting point. Arriving at the first slide our whole perception changed, wasn’t this a slow tour? Quite the opposite, we were looking at a long high slide ahead of us. Ok who will be the first to go down? We work in an adventure environment, time to man up! If you are afraid of heights this is the place to concur your fear.

Most of our guides loved the thrill!! Our office staff was definitely taken out of their comfort zone.

Teambuilding is one of the most important element a company can implement in their business to unite a company as one team.

Thank you to Beach & Bush for your excellent work by facilitating us with your team building program.

Thank you Skyway trail for hosting us on your Skyway Trail adventure this was a truly remarkable experience.




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