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  Adventure Weekend Give-Away for 2 People

Rafting Zipline Accommodation

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Write an article about your unforgettable experience at Induna Adventures and stand a change of winning an Adventure Weekend.

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Why would anybody strap themselves onto a high speed pulley running on a 450 m long cable, descending a mountain at a gradient of 45 degrees, reaching a speed of up to 100 km/h, wind howling in your ears, trees flashing past you – and you find yourself suspended in mid air screaming at the top of your voice? Because it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s safe and it is what life is all about!

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 White Water Rafting

The Sabie River provides 20 rapids (grade 2–3) with areas of scenic vegetation and outstanding wildlife viewing.  This 8 km route is yielding to the novice, yet accommodating to the thrill seeker found within all of us.  Enjoy swimming, bum sliding and wave surfing with a boogie board at “Lions rock”. 

Duration: Half Day – 2.5 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.

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Ingwenyama Conference & Sports Resort

Set in our unique garden environment, your bedroom will allow you the opportunity of having your own private space to relax after a busy day.
Your room is in easy walking distance to all our facilities. Ingwenyama as a venue is truly spectacular, offering indoor and outdoor facilities, catering for small and large groups and being truly flexible in creating and catering for any need and want.

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