Lowveld Quest Stage Race 2013

10-13 April 2013

It has finally happened!! Mpumalanga’s first: “point 2 point” stage race.

All the best rides smacked into one awesome stage race. We have done our best to take out, all the horrible climbs & replace them with:
one continues downhill, but unfortunately it did not work. We have however managed, to link up all the lekker single track & bush tunnels.

 Entries open: 1 September 2012 – Entry Fee: R7600 per team – Meals & Tented accommodation incl.

Down load Entry form:


After about a million emails, requesting us to add a SOLO category. We have decided to give you, what you want.

So if you have not managed to find someone, who wants to spend four days with you. Then you can enter in the Solo Category. Like they say “one size fits all”. There will be one category for the Solo riders and the results will be kept separate, from the team results.  Due to the late addition of the Solo Category, entries will be limited.


Car Shuttle

Book your car shuttle with Christelle (ride@mankele.co.za).

It’s simple, at registration & before the race starts. There will be a “Car Shuttle” table. Sign & hand over your keys. Lydenburg High School parents will drive your vehicle to Induna (Hazyview). Please fill up your tank, before dropping off your vehicle. R350 per vehicle.



Accommodation the night before the event

Lydenburg School has offered to help out, with basic accommodation. It will be very basic, a mattress, a roof, a window, a door and hopefully not to many other people snoring away. Oh yes hot showers, to get you smelling nice at pull away. R100 per person. Book with Christelle ride@mankele.co.za


 Here is a little bit of a taste for what you can expect:

This journey will follow some of the wagon wheels of the Voortrekkers that made trails in unthinkable circumstances. You’ll be left in amazement on what our beautiful country has to offer! The excitement of what lurks around the corner and the fulfilment of reaching your destination. Make new friends and strengthen the bonds of old ones, the journey we have all endured makes us allies. Unforgettable times that can only be experienced in real life, a story only to be told in participating. Where Wagon Wheels once rolled,you gonna Rock!! This is the Lowveld Quest.

Day1: Lydenburg to Mankele, 80km’s. It’s going to be fast!!!

Now the Lydenburg MTB community is a bunch of hard-core riders. They love getting dirty & building some awesome trails.
You will start off testing your bike on their amazing trails, while leading out to the first bit of climbing. The climb is a gradual one, with awesome scenery.
Day2: Mankele to Sabie, 75km’s. Climbs with awesome rewards!!!
Once you have conquered the climbing sections, you will be treated with some out of this world single track. We all know this can’t all be downhill, but it is looking flatter after using 100 tons of dynamite! After leaving Mankele you will be treated, with an incredible new section of single track, all the way to Mankele. Where you will be welcomed by, the ever friendly Mankele staff.
Swim in the river or go for the “town look” and swim in the pool!!

These guys have been supporting mountain biking, for decades & they are so keen to get involved. This is an excellent spot for the families to stay & support you.

Day3: Sabie to Graskop, 65km’s. Size does not matter!!
There is just something about the Sabie/ Graskop area. The trees and waterfalls always makes you super chilled out!! Oh yes you will have to climb, but the trails are super cool. The stage is shorter, but the climbs will make you feel your legs. Once again the finish will be incredibly fast, with endless single track to make you feel like a Super Star! We will be using the Environmental Centre and no not the Mental Centre as the race village for day 3. You will be pleasantly surprised with this venue!!

Day4: Graskop to Hazyview, 75km’s. Rock & Roll China!!

A sad day, because it will be the last day of awesome riding. Small climbs with loads of fun, into Induna adventures. These dudes have some seriously cool trails which complete this stage race perfectly. This is where you will use all three days extra skills, that you have picked up to the max. You can “klap it” hard all the way home!! Race to the end, to collect your medal & burger.



9 April 2013: Lydenburg 

Registration: 15:00 – 19:00 @ Lydenburg Hoër Skool
Supper & Race Briefing

Supper will be served from 18:00 and race briefing will be at 19:00.
It is important to be at race briefing, as all the yes & no’s & all the fall’s & wow’s will be explained! This will include what to expect on Day 1’s mission to Mankele.

10 April 2013: Day1 Lydenburg to Mankele Mountain Biking (80km’s (+/- 1700m ascent))
Breakfast from 5am
Bag Check in from 5am

The dude booking in your bags will put your team number on your bag.
(Each rider will be allowed one bag each. “Make it fit” strategy will have to work. Riding gear and sleeping bag is most important, the rest’s luxuries or stay at home products!! )

Car Shuttle Key book in from 5am
Lydenburg School will be using this as a “Teach a 12 year old, how to drive a Range Rover”. I mean the school will be using this as a fund raiser. Parents will drive your vehicle to Induna. Your vehicle will eagerly be waiting and cheering for you, at the finish line! Bookings will open in the New Year @ R350 to beam your vehicle from start to finish!
Race Starts @ 7:00
Now that you got rid of your bag (not bags), car and breakfast the racing can start. Enjoy what Lydenburg has to offer, before climbing over the “little hill” and heading off into the Mankele valley.
Mankele Race Village
Lunch, supper and breakfast will be served in the marque. Tents and mattresses will be up and waiting for your tired bones!! Supper from 18:00 & Prize giving @ 19:00
50% Deposit to confirm entry, balance to be paid by: 28 Feb 2013.
11 April 2013: Day 2 Mankele MTB to Sabie (Merry Pebbles) 75km’s (+/- 1900m ascent)Bags check in @ 5am, breakfast from 5am & race @ 7:00
Play a little at Mankele and then head off into the hills, to go find Merry Pebbles. The crew from Merry Pebbles are extremely excited to have us there. They have been involved with mountain biking forever & ever. Tents and mattress will be ready for you & your war stories. Supper from 18:00 & Prize giving @ 19:00

12 April 2013: Day 3 Sabie to Graskop (Environmental Centre) 70km’s (+/- 1800m Ascent)

Bags check in @ 5am, breakfast @ 5am & race @ 7am
This is such an awesome scenic section. The riding’s always awesome in the Sabie/Graskop area. Big waterfalls & big climbs will get you to the next stop over. The venue is in the middle of nowhere….. I hope we can find it!!! This is a true “chill out” race village. Supper from 18:00 & Prize giving @ 19:00

13 April 2013: Day 4 Graskop to Hazyview (Induna Adventures) 70km’s (+/- 1600m Ascent)

Bags check in @ 5am, breakfast @ 5am & race @ 7am
Final fly!!! Play, play, play is on the menu. This is going to be fast and fun. Hazyview has got some seriously awesome trails. Klap it to the finish, grab a burger and wait for your mates at the finish. Prize giving @ 12:30 and unfortunately the finish of 4 days of the best riding!!
Bag collection & vehicle collection points, will be well marked. Please feel free to donate any unwanted vehicles!!

This race is the talk of the town, as everyone’s been waiting for it… for a long time.

Tented accommodation & meals are included, in the race fee: R7,600 per team, of 2 riders.
Vehicle shuttle details, from Lydenburg to Hazyview – will be on our website shortly.

Entries open on the 1 of September: www.mankele.co.za (entries are limited).
50% Deposit to confirm entry, balance to be paid by: 28 Feb 2013.

Questions we have received:

  • When do you start feeding us on our journey?
    From registration (Evening 9th )
  • Will there be tents in Lydenburg?
    No, you must arrange your own accommodation. Lydenburg School accommodation R100 p/person: ride@mankele.co.za
  • When does the Car Shuttle and Lydenburg accommodation bookings close?
    1st April
  • When do we hand in our bags?
    Race mornings, before the race starts.
  • Do you supply boxes for our luggage?
    No, you can use a bag or box. Like I have said before, leave your hair dryer & washing machine at home and only pack what you need.
  • Are supporters allowed?
    Yes, we must just firstly mention that supporters are only allowed STRICTLY at spectator points. Please don’t mission onto the track & mess up our land access.
    Supporters will be allowed to make accommodation bookings at Mankele & Merry pebbles (Sabie) race village only. Graskop is a Government owned facility, which has a lot of rules & regulations. We suggest supporters book into Graskop, for that evening.
  • Can we buy meal vouchers for supporters?
    Yes you can. R60 per meal. Bookings close on the 20th of Feb:ride@mankele.co.za

  •  Will there be massages & bike repairs?
    Yes, they will be setup at each race village.

See what Brett Coats has to say about the Lowveld Quest

Breaking News!!!

Are you up for the Lowveld Quest?

This will sell out, only limited teams available!

A Quest for the best Lowveld Mountain Biking! A ‘real’ stage race – point to point – drop from the Highveld of Lydenburg to the tropical forests of Hazyview, take in all the Lowveld has to offer, real adventure mountain biking, with trails laid out by the best in the business, no freekin manicured “single track’ here, just hardcore trail riding with distances to test ya!