Meet our horses

Hello Billabong!

This extremely friendly guy is usually the first to come over and say hi and has a boldness about him that makes you feel honored to be in his presence.

He has integrated himself into the mares group and seems to have a special affection for gypsy.

Billa is a joy to ride for any level of experience and will make your encounter with the bush a most enjoyable one!
He is a gentle ride, very soft in the mouth , which means he doesn’t like when he is given short reins.
Hes a adamant grass eater on the trails, but he knows Take-aways not stop and eat !
You wont ever find yourself uncomfortable when riding Billabong!

Greetings Twakkies!

Twakkies has been here at Induna the longest. She is a big part of the family.
She is amazing, can trust her with kids of any age! She loves the young ones.
A while ago she got injured on her upper lip and now she has a bit of a long face but it only adds more uniqueness to her character.
She is a dark bay, with a lighter shade main and tale. she isn’t very tall but she has strong legs on her that will surprise you in many ways.
She has a soft mouth which means she enjoys a long rein,keeps it comfortable for her to work.
Also a big lover of grabbing snacks (grass) on the out rides , but she is a very responsive horse and doesn’t give any troubles to novice or experienced riders.

Sweetest Gypsy

Anyone who has a passion for horses will definitely fall in love with this sweet heart.
She is a fiery red mare with strawberry ginger main and tail.

When out on a trail she has a loving energy about her, she loves to stop for a take away though, as long as she doesn’t stay and eat she’s being a good girl!
She usually falls into her own place during out rides, mostly she likes to drift to the back of the line to sneak in a few big bites of green grass , all she needs is a tough rider who will move her on!
shes no trouble to an inexperienced rider, only a click of the tongue and a tickle with the heel and she moves along.

Here comes a Rainbow!

Little Miss Bow is a girl with some attitude!
No need to worry though she is a sweetheart on the out ride, she’s quite strong in the neck and might ask for a longer rein, but that’s only being a typical mare.
She loves grabbing takeaways on the trails, but she is quick about it.
She is a horse for both experienced and novice riders, but to inexperienced riders she might be a handful.
she is a super horse if given a experienced rider.

No need to fret, she is a great horse!
She had an eye infection a couple of years back , all healed up now , but she always has this astonished look on her right side of her face.
She has a soft mouth, doesn’t feel comfortable with a short rein.
She is generally quite responsive on the rides out and listens to voice commands.
You’d fall in love either way!

ZACK attack!!

Old Zacky boy on the left is a new member to the family.

He is a brilliant ride , smooth as can be ! perfect for a new rider

He’s had a tough life, being moved away from a long term home , he is now settling in with his new family, he’s taking quite a liking to BILLA and Rainbow,
which is brilliant seeing as it’s always said a happy horse is a working one with company.
He’s not a big boy, but he has big boned legs, which means he’s a strong boy!

Hes got a charismatic , charming personality and will do anything for a treat.

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