Mountain Birding on a Bike

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You will be guided along the Sabaan river, where guides will lead you into the untouched beauty of nature.  The pathway is along the river ( Suitable for all ages). The Half-collared Kingfisher that is regarded as near threatened is definite must see. The Mountain wagtail can be easily confused with a Cape Wagtail and this is perfect habitat for them, jumping from rock to rock looking for insects. Even the Cape Clawless Otter, Serval,  Red Duiker, Bush Buck and Bush Pigs Have been observed here.  Birds like the  Camaroptera’s, Scrub-Robin’s,  Appalis’s, batis’s, Cuckoo’s will provide music for your ears while looking at the Narina Trogon that is perching and waiting for a insects and even chameleons to eat.   

Birding on a bike is a fun way to explore areas that cannot be reached by vehicle or too far for hikers to explore in the time available.  The low volume Sabaan, Mac mac, and the higher volume Sabie River will provide bird life unimagined.  The Narina Trogon with its unique pink reddish breast is regular sighting along the rivers along with the beautiful Purple Crested Turaco that makes the loud Kor – Kor – Kor …. sound characteristic to the area. Even the Knysna Turaco has been spotted  here.  As soon as you move away from the rivers you will start climbing the mountains.  On your way up you will discover that the Hazyview region has the most amazing views. Waterfalls are everywhere, wildlife all around. Beautiful sunsets what more can you ask for. When moving into the higher lying areas, you will be surrounded by manmade forest providing the perfect opportunity to spot birds of prey like the Long Crested Eagle and Fish Eagle, souring in the air and don’t forget the swallows. Bee – eaters are a regular sighting around here, and the Swallow tailed bee-eater has been spotted regularly.

  • No helmet no ride.

How the Mountain Birding on a Bike is going to work:

  • At registration (6:45 Am) we will inform you where you would need to gather for your activity.
  • At 7:00 Am the briefing on the birding day starts to find out what the rules and regulations for the day are.
  • At 7:30 Am the guide will wait at the allocated point for his group (maximum 10 riders per group) before departing.
  • If you are doing it unguided your team can depart at 7:30 Am on any of our Mountain bike trails that are well marked out (we will provide a map for you).  Stop where you want to stop and walk where you want to walk.
  • You will have to be back at 11:00 Am at registration to hand in your birding list.
  • Have a look at our rules and regulations