Adventure Birding Weekend – Registration form


Please complete registration form thoroughly

Please fax or email entry form
086 676 6031

Rules and Regulations


  • Teams must be no less than 2 and not more than 4 members.
  • Team members must stick together in the chosen activity.


  • Birds can be ticked off on the provided birding list when at least 2 members of the team have identified the bird by sound or sight.
  • Birding starts at  7:30 AM and no more sightings can be ticked off on the birding list after 11:00AM.
  • At 11:00 AM each team will have to hand their birding list at the registration tent. Any birding list received after 11:00 will not qualify for prizes.


  • Teams taking pictures of their sightings, can submit their best picture for a chance to win a prize at 11:20.


  • Safety comes first, so with all activities we have safety measures to adhere to:
  • Quad Bike birding:
    • Teams will be briefed on how to drive a quad bike by qualified quad guide.
    • He will asses on a practice round if all members are competent for driving, if not they will have to go as a passenger.
    • Each person will HAVE to wear a helmet that Induna Adventures supplies.
    • Have to obey instructions of guide else your trip end.
  • River Birding:
    • Teams will be briefed on how to paddle the 2 man inflatable rafts by Qualified River Guide.
    • Boats can handle the weight of ten people but are made for 2 per boat.
    • Each person will have to wear a helmet and lifejacket supplied by Induna Adventures
    • Equipment that you do not want to get wet can be placed in the dry barrels that we take on the trip. (most likely will only be used at some rapids also use a binocular strap so that your binoculars stay dry and away from the ground).
  • Transfer birding:
    • All trips will have a first aider to accompany them.
    • Stick to the allocated time given at each Birding venue so you are not left behind
  • Mountain Birding on a Bike:
    • No helmet no ride.
  • Birding on foot:
    • Stay close marked hiking trails (MATUMI AND SABAAN).

All teams that want a birding enthusiast (Guide) to accompany them will have to register their teams before the 17th of November 2012. Failing to register before the stipulated date will mean you will only be able to do:

  • Unguided Birding on foot
  • Unguided Mountain biking