At Induna Adventures we take pride in providing Quality Teambuilding Adventure Activities with a strong Adventure background. We aim to offer adventure that enhance team spirit and cooperative culture within the group.

Value of Corporate Teambuilding

The advantages of corporate Teambuilding are ample. Teambuilding sessions can either be informal with the aim to build interpersonal relationships or formal strategizing sessions. Both formal and informal session are valuable to support healthy profit making teams.

Any team activity outside the office can be seen as a teambuild and can add value to a company.

A teambuilding adventure activity can have the same advantage for a company as a family holiday has for a family.

Adventure Teambuilding Activities

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Can Your Company afford to neglect continuous Teambuilding?

If you look at companies making high profits, you can always find a good, hardworking and dedicated team behind the success. The advantages of teambuilding events are so many that almost all corporations have incorporated teambuilding strategies and schedules to their standard training curriculum. Almost all advantages of corporate teambuilding are noticed on a long term basis. Corporate teambuilding ensures a contented workforce devoted to the company.

Core Advantages of Corporate Teambuilding – proven through research

Members are empowered to contribute to common goals.
Establish effective working relationships
Enhance communication skills
Enhance decision making skills
Minimize stress
Faster conflict resolution

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