Transfer Birding

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Sabie river sun

The Sabie River meanders along the hotel boundary creating a wonderful corridor of trees and reeds and long grasses, the natural habitat of many different species of bird. A hide has been built alongside one of the dams and a veritable flotilla of hippos have discovered this watery home and made it their own, basking in the sun on the sandy island along with many species of birds, including African Darter, Blacksmith Plover and Goliath Heron. Blackheaded and Grey Heron nest in the gracious Fever Trees surrounding the dam.

Sabaan River Hiking and Matumi Hiking Trail

You will be guided along the Sabaan river, where guides will lead you into the untouched beauty of nature.  The pathway is along the river ( Suitable for all ages). The Half-collared Kingfisher that is regarded as near threatened is definite must see. The Mountain wagtail can be easily confused with a Cape Wagtail and this is perfect habitat for them, jumping from rock to rock looking for insects. Even the Cape Clawless Otter, Serval,  Red Duiker, Bush Buck and Bush Pigs Have been observed here.  Birds like the  Camaroptera’s, Scrub-Robin’s,  Appalis’s, batis’s, Cuckoo’s will provide music for your ears while looking at the Narina Trogon that is perching and waiting for a insects and even chameleons to eat.   

Casa do sol

Casa do Sol is a Hotel & Resort situated in the 500Ha Ilanga Nature and Game Reserve.  With a waterhole more or less the size of 1ha, no wonder the neighbouring elephant sanctuary elephants like to swim there. The waterhole is surrounded with indigenous trees, reeds and hills, no wonder the near threatened African Pygmy Goose   ( Nettapus aurotis ) has set up residence there.

  • All trips will have a first aider to accompany them.
  • Stick to the allocated time given at each Birding venue so you are not left behind

How the transfer birding is going to work:

  • At registration (6:45) Am we will inform you where you would need to gather for your activity.
  • At 7:00 Am the briefing on the birding day starts to find out what the rules and regulations for the day are
  • At 7:30 Am the guide will wait at the allocated spot where you will depart in a quantum to the first of 3 destination:
  1. Sabie River sun:
  • 7:45 Am drop off
  • 8:30 Am depart
  1. Casa Do sol:
  • 9:15 Am Drop off
  • 10:00 Am pickup
  1. Induna:
  • 10:45 Am Drop off
  • At 11:00 Am you will need to hand in your birding list at registration.